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I've given presentations at many developer conferences, resulting in a mix of video content, from actual technical talks to talks about public speaking, to comedy/satire talks about tech business. I've also recorded some comedy videos at home on the odd weekend.

Here are some of the results.


I give many talks at technical conferences. Often, the talks are highly technical.

Sometimes, not so much.

Here's a playlist with some of the comedy talks that I've given at conferences.

Public Speaking

After many years of giving, and enjoying giving, public presentations, I thought about techniques that contribute to better, more engaging presentations.

Technical Presentations

I've given countless technical presentations about software development (and mostly Android development in recent years). Many of those videos are available on the Android Developers YouTube channel, but here is a playlist of some of the highlights.

Home Videos

Finally, here's a collection of videos I recorded at home when I had a funny idea I wanted to pursue.

There's also a bit of standup and music content in there.

Offered without explanation or apology.

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