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About Me

I write code for a living and comedy for fun. Actually, I write code for fun, too, but I like the sound of the previous sentence better.


After a career spent writing code and managing teams to do the same, I joined the Android team in 2010. There, I wrote core platform  code for animations, graphics, UI, and performance, eventually leading the UI Toolkit team. In 2019, I moved on to a role on the Developer Relations team, where I created articles, talks, and videos to help developers create better Android applications. More recently, I moved back to engineering (when am I going to make up my mind?!?!?!) to work on core Android platform graphics software.

I also write and perform comedy, though not so much since the whole pandemic thing came along and made performance and comedy even harder than it usually is.

My most recent (and long-lived) creative project is my book Androids: The Team That Built the Android Operating System. The book involved over 60 interviews with members of the early team and tells the story of the development of the platform in the words and stories of the people who built it.

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