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The Team That Built the Android Operating System

In 2004, Android was two people who wanted to build camera software. But nobody wanted to fund them. Today, Android is a large team at Google, shipping an operating system to over three billion devices worldwide.


This is the inside story of how that happened—told by the people who made it happen.

"What are the essential ingredients that lead a small team to build software at the sheer scale and impact of Android? We may never fully know, but this first person account is probably the closest set of clues we have."
–Dave Burke, VP of Android Engineering

"Androids captures a strong picture of what the early development of Android, as well as the Android team, was like."
–Dianne Hackborn, Android Framework Engineer

Androids is the engaging tale of a motley group of coders with a passion to make insanely great products who banged out the operating system when that idea seemed nuts.
True to his geek genes, Chet Haase tells this remarkable tale of technical and business success from the trenches, an inspiring, massive collective effort of dozens of programmers who flipped their seemingly late timing to their advantage, and presaged a generation of platform builders. Read Androids to discover what it takes to create a hot tech team that shipped a product running today on more than 3 billion devices."
–Jonathan Littman, co-author of The Entrepreneurs Faces: How Makers, Visionaries and Outsiders Succeed, and author of The Fugitive Game


All profits from book sales will be donated to charity

The new edition of the book, published by No Starch Press, is available in eBook and paperback formats, orderable from many places including:

  • Book stores: You should be able to order from local bookstores if they do not have it in stock; just ask. 

  • No Starch Press: You can order just the eBook ($19.99), or get both the paperback and eBook for $24.99.

  • Amazon: Amazon carries both the Kindle version for $14.99 and the paperback edition for $24.99.

  • Barnes & Noble: The Nook version is available for $14.99 and the paperback edition is available for $24.99.

You can also get the eBook version online at stores including:

The audiobook, narrated by the author and published by Tantor Media, is available for $19.99 on, AmazonBarnes & Noble, and other audiobook sellers.

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